The story of Vasansi Jaipur-
Of the charm of being in a long-run family business, Of the values transferred down seven generations in textiles and handicrafts
Of the chaos of the colorful pink city, and the beauty that lies within , Of how each visit to the old city influences us, inspires us
Of the unknown faces, those emotions, those smiles which somewhere, somehow contribute to our growth story, We are here in a way that we couldn't have known about, and they became part of this beautiful film, in a way they don't know about.
Of our real Maker, our Founder

"The Root under the Full grown Tree"
Jaipur city, its pink washed walls, its vibrant streets, and the joy in its air shaped his childhood, his vision, his eye for the aesthetics.
Amidst the old city, stood the family owned trading shop of traditional jaipur textiles,
Shop no. 153, Johari Bazaar
This man, @shailendrasancheti
His muse, Jaipur Saree Kendra,
which he visited everyday, the starting point of his journey.
In his early days, notorious for he was, as a 10 year old, he scribbled his shop's name in pencil and distributed those chits to customers right outside their competitor's store.
Playing with colors is his passion. His wife recalls how he single handedly used to transport huge bundles of printed fabric, all the way from Sanganer. And how she used to run down the stairs at just the sound of the scooter overloaded with fabric potlis.
A master of Colors, and a graduate in Chemistry.
Blessed with the unique ability to experiment with fabric properties. He innovates fabric processing techniques in the blink of an eye. A visionary with an exceptional eye for prints. He was the first to introduce traditional tie-dyes and hand block prints in pastel and earthy colours. He modernised bandhej and innovated a 8 mtr long saree which turned into a rage pan India. In no time, Jaipur Saree Kendra became the most sought after name for traditional Indian “bandhani” “Leheriya” “Kota Doria" & "Block Printed” sarees
He routinely traveled distances, never missing a single visit. To reach out to skilled women artisans in villages and guide them through a fresh take on their handicraft. The artisans blessed him, with all their heart. And he believes those blessings have in some way played a part in driving him so far.
He started his first manufacturing factory for textile printing in 1985. The manufacturing increased manifold, and so did the retail and wholesale operations. Vasansi Jaipur then got established in 2002, marking a turning point. From dying fabric with his own hands to now having a family of more than 700 workers, he has come a long way.
Shailendra Sancheti ( Founder/Director- Jaipur Saree Kendra, Vasansi Jaipur )