Where a rich colour palatte, dreamy fabrics, artisanal prints, masterful craftsmanship & exotic patterns form a cheerful melange


Deriving inspiration from Jaipur's heritage each garment has a story to relay. MANUFACTURING endless styles in HAND BLOCKPRINTED and SCREEN PRINTED fabrics, all round the year attributes to the pool of our ever increasing customer base. Families of patrons associated with us through generations. Helping us grow stronger &achieve newer heights.


Choosing pure NATURAL FABRICS with clever blending, picking SKIN FRIENDLY dyes for dyeing,printing, ensuring their proper treatment during fabric processing, kickstarts our journey to craft each garment. Heavenly tints, beautiful prints set the mood to take the leap. Deeply thought of silhouettes, exquisite designs using the best of garment making techniques bring the piece in shape. Intricate hand EMBROIDERIES, traditional skills & painstakingly done hardwork further adorn.


We feel gifted, for the heritage bestowed upon us.The handicraft such that only artisans from Rajasthan excel at.

The beautiful BANDHEJ done by ladies stitting together, tying each little knot by their tremble hands, laughing, chatting, transferring the same positivity to the cloth.

LEHERIYA brings a burst of colour. In scorching heat, the men tie and twist the cloth at every small interval, then dip and dye each part seprately. Each finished leheriya piece speaks of this hardwork, bringing out a print such no machine can create.

But this art has seen a downfall in the recent years,so here at “Vasansi Jaipur” we are doing our bit to preserve these traditional skills, intricate handwork and masterful craftsmanship that Jaipur’s heritage speaks of. We strongly believe that the time and effort spent in making each piece the old fashioned way enhances its beauty manifold. We have faith that you’ll hold appreciation for the same.


At Vasansi, varied opportunities are provided to the under privileged.We employ talented craftsmen from rural areas, highlighting their artistic skills and helping them support their families. Working here serves as a source of independence for many women. Those few who have the will to excel but were less opportune are welcomed and trained rigorously, giving them the means to earn a living. Also, to combat illiteracy the workers are motivated to educate their children. We try our best to re-use every waste fabric by utilising trims and pieces in making packaging bags and accessories like shoes.