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  1. Vasansi - Yellow Block Print Indo Western Gown
    Vasansi - Yellow Block Print Indo Western Gown
    Special Price ₹4,850.00 was ₹6,850.00
  2. Green-Chanderi-Silk-Anarkali-Suit-VAS12051852
    Green Chanderi Silk Anarkali Suit
    Special Price ₹10,650.00 was ₹17,500.00
  3. Blue-Chanderi-Silk-Anarkali-Suit-VAS12051851
    Blue Chanderi Silk Anarkali Suit
    Special Price ₹6,150.00 was ₹9,500.00
  4. Blue-Silk-Anarkali-Suit-VAS12051850
    Blue Silk Anarkali Suit
    Special Price ₹4,900.00 was ₹7,850.00
  5. Green-Chanderi-Silk-Anarkali-Suit-VAS12051847
    Green Chanderi Silk Anarkali Suit
    Special Price ₹7,150.00 was ₹11,750.00
  6. Green-Chanderi-Silk-Anarkali-Suit-VAS12051845
    Green Chanderi Silk Anarkali Suit
    Special Price ₹8,400.00 was ₹14,850.00
  7. Green-Chanderi-Silk-Anarkali-Suit-VAS12051838
    Green Chanderi Silk Anarkali Suit
    Special Price ₹7,000.00 was ₹11,500.00
  8. Blue-Chanderi-Silk-Anarkali-Suit-VAS12051837
    Blue Chanderi Silk Anarkali Suit
    Special Price ₹8,400.00 was ₹14,850.00
  9. Pink-Modal-Silk-Lehenga-VAS12051834
    Pink Modal Silk Lehenga
    Special Price ₹8,700.00 was ₹14,750.00
  10. Green-Modal-Silk-Anarkali-Suit-VAS12051832
    Green Modal Silk Anarkali Suit
    Special Price ₹32,200.00 was ₹48,500.00
  11. Baby-Pink-Raw-Silk-Anarkali-Suit-VAS12051830
    Baby Pink Raw Silk Anarkali Suit
    Special Price ₹31,500.00 was ₹52,500.00
  12. Pink-Raw-Silk-Anarkali-Suit-VAS12051828
    Pink Raw Silk Anarkali Suit
    Special Price ₹23,800.00 was ₹29,750.00
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Designer salwar suits: For really special events!

One can power your quotient up with the designer salwar suit. This is not a modern day outfit it dates back to the era of Pathans of Kabul who introduced this dress in South Asia.

Designer salwar suits gained momentum after it started witnessing a lot of changes done by fashion designers. Salwar suits have seen the transformation from its days of origin during the medieval period, wherein the patterns and designs all were heavily influenced by Mughals.

Today also this outfit finds acceptance and enjoys the privilege of having its presence across the Indian subcontinent. Women adore this outfit as it is comfortable and stylish at the same time. Designer Salwar suits are popular among women across India from north to south and west to east. From rural to metropolitan areas Designer salwar kameez suit is found everywhere.

Designer salwar kameez are tailored uniquely and are with fitted styling. The designer wear salwar suit comes with an exception amongst the myriad Indian outfits. Today’s independent multitasking women prefer comfort for their hectic day, and the versatile, ethnic salwar suit is perfect to provide that needed benefit.

Every girl dreams of looking best at every occasion. No doubt a simple salwar kameez can be pulled off at any event but just think of a beautifully embellished, extravagant designer salwar suit that is seeping with glitter and glamour is sure to melt anyone's heart.

Designer salwar suit comprises a kurta, salwar or trouser and dupatta. Salwar comes as either loose fit pajama or slim fit straight pants. Kurta is the main part of a designer salwar suit which could either be an Anarkali style kurta, or straight kurta or short knee-length designer kurta. Dupatta is the important part that attenuates the overall appearance of the designer attire as well as the personality of the wearer. It comes in many embellishments wherein it can be paired up with the simple kurta giving it an elegant appearance.The designer dupatta is an essential part of a specially designed suit, which comes in various fabrics like cotton, georgette, silk, and chiffon. The dupatta is designed in a designer way to the fabric of the suit making it appealing to the woman. It is in form of a long scarf which is wrapped around the neck mostly.

Designer salwar suits attenuates the personality of woman

Designer Salwar suits can be carried by any woman graciously for any event, wedding, engagement, reception or party. There should be no second thoughts when in doubt what to wear for a party if you need a comfy dress which is beautiful too. There is an immense scope to experiment with the styling of designer salwar suits to transform it into a piece or attire speaking volumes about its elegance and beauty.  

For brides too, designer bridal salwar suit finds essential space in their bridal trousseau. Designer salwar suit pieces are a must-have for a bride as they can be worn for any occasion.

Moreover, designer salwar suits complete the look and even attenuates the personality of the weaver when they are styled and experimented with various other things like  when they are paired up with the choicest jewellery, multiple coloured or embroidered  dupattas, trendy jackets and chic bottoms, thereby giving one a feel of new outfit every time one wears it.

And since now designer salwar suits are available in several variations, and every now and then something new comes up to the forefront. These changes are visible in the length of the kurta, the manner in which kurtas flares out and the kind of material which is used to stitch these.

Designer Salwar Suits- Shop online

Thus, no longer today’s woman needs conventional options in salwar suits instead a mix and match or combination of designs and patterns are required. With the availability of so many options online at your fingertips, it has become easy to shop and explore options and more choices to choose from various designer salwar suits are available online.

At VASANSI one can avail the best of premium designer salwar suits online with so many options and choices to choose from. Each piece of the huge collection of VASANSI designer salwar kameez suits is very well designed, artistically suiting the requirements and personality types of all the women.

VASANSI hold an incredible range of designer salwar suits online, each handcrafted for a beautiful woman like you. We are also offering designer Anarkali suits of latest and premium styles.