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Designer Sarees: An essential drape for a fashionable woman !!

Since times immemorial we have been seeing the ladies of our homes wearing sarees as a celebration in its own. Today also saree has not loosened its charm among ambitious working women.

The saree is the most ancient and versatile unstitched garment that has survived hundred of years. Over a vast period of time, it has seen various changes in its fabric form, designs, prints, and patterns. But it has remained to be the best, most fancied, glamorous outfit giving elegance and grace to the women who adorn it.

Over the millennia, its sensuality and glamor have only enhanced with being not only the all-time-wear for women but also saree is a ‘canvas’ of art for weavers and printers in order to create and experiment new artistic weaves, prints and patterns and jeweled or gold-silver embellishments of beauty making them a designer piece.

Designer saree is a mesmerizing attire and as it exists in many forms it is the best choice for all occasions. So, whenever in doubt what to wear for any occasion or social get-togethers designer saree is the best resort.  

A woman basks in the glory of luxury, grace, elegance and, femininity with designer saree. It completely transforms the look of the individual wearing it. Saree always flatters females and if it is draped well, it helps make a woman look slim and exudes exuberance.

Saree is the most versatile garment can be draped in several different ways. It can be worn with different kinds of blouses, can be paired up with trousers, and can be accessorized in numerous ways.

The saree originated in the Mesopotamian civilization. It was in this era that India was introduced to the art of weaving cotton into the fabric so the people of the Indus Valley Civilisation were familiar with the fabric as well.

Saree actually started to take shape with the advent of the Aryans. Aryans use to wear a cloth around their waist, which they called as “nevi”. Much after the Indus Valley civilization period, it's been found in many Indian epics about the mentioning of a garment known as “kanchuki”.

With time, the wealthier classes started experimenting with clothing as their tastes were refined and they needed class and sophistication in their clothes too, and then the art of dyeing the fabric was born.

It was by the end of the epic era, women’s clothing evolved by leaps and bounds. Now the women started wearing beautiful garments which were embellished with intricate embroidery and precious and semi-precious embellishments of stonework or embroideries of various types. This was the time when Designer Sarees came into existence!

Saree is no doubt an essential drape for women. It is a complete unstitched long embellished drape. Today’s designers are experimenting a lot with saree. Saree in itself has so much potential for innovation and creativity giving a lot of freedom to designers to completely explore.

Thus, no matter Saree has been around for centuries and civilizations around the globe, but its ways and styles keep on changing and evolving to suit the current styles and fashion trends, and it continues to evolve further and change. But the basic purpose of designer saree to provide elegance and feminine delicacy of the drape has remained intact.

Designer Sarees : The most sensual fashion garment

Designer Sarees has now become the fashion garment not only nationally but internationally also. Reasons for being so are firstly due to the versatility it holds. It can be worn in several different ways. With every state in India, the draping style changes like there is a Gujarati draping style, Bengali draping style, Rajasthani draping style, a Maharashtrian way of wearing saree, and varied styles from the South, etc.

No other garment flatters the woman so much as is a Designer Saree. It gives a sensuous appeal and elegance both. It provides a glamor quotient suitable for every occasion.

If there is a traditional way of draping a saree then there is a modern way too.

With the designer saree, online shopping one can learn different ways of wearing a designer sarees online too.

Thus, saree has conquered the world with its sheer beauty and elegance and for these reasons only it has survived as the only unstitched garment over the years and stood the test of the time. With so much left still to offer it continue to make a mark in the fashion industry for the years to come in the fascinating avatars like Indian designer sarees.

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