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Bandhani saree: From the land of sand dunes !!

Rajasthan is a land of the desert with shining sand dunes, amazing lush forest wildlife, typical villages with vibrant spirit despite the hardships of life. Rajasthan holds a rich cultural heritage to it and this whole mix of traditions and modernity draws people from everywhere around the globe to Rajasthan.

Since ages, art and craftsmanship of creative and innovative intricacy is what Rajasthan has derived curiosity for. It has been a rich traditional hub for handloom and fabric since ancient times. On one side it offers rich Kota handloom silks, Kota Doria, soft handloom cotton, and vibrant Bandhani prints. On the other hand, it offers exquisite Bagru, Dabu prints, Sanganer and block printing. Bandhej or Bandhani is the traditional form of art made up of various tie and dye patterns and designs.

Bandhej/bandhani sarees: Beautiful and Mesmerizing

Saree is a mesmerizing attire and as it exists in many forms and is the best choice for all occasions. So, whenever in doubt what to wear for any occasion or social get-togethers saree is the best resort.

Bandhej patterns are made by tying a small fraction of the plain cloth with threads and then it is dyed with different colours. Majorly used colors for tie and dye are red, blue, yellow and green. Besides this many other colours like pink, violet, grey, black, orange and shades of all these colors are also used. It is an amalgamation of vibrant colours giving it the warmth and richness of colours.

With the perfect blend of traditional motifs and trendy designing patterns, Rajasthani Bandhej/bandhani sarees are popular all around the world.

Bandhani sarees exuberate rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan !!

Traditional Bandhej/bandhani saree instantly connects one to the ancient royal artwork dating back to 4000 BC. Bandhej literally means “to tie”. Bandhani printed fabrics and cloth have myriad names to itself which are - Sungudi, Pilliya and, Chungidi.The various patterns that one can find in Bandhej/Bandhani sarees or by which the tie and dye designs are inspired are of flowers, geometric patterns, creepers, bells, leaves, teardrops, swirls and webs present in the array of fabrics ranging from Crepe, Chiffon, Faux Georgette, Viscose, silk, cotton, chanderi etc.

Traditional bride’s trousseau is incomplete without Rajasthani designer Bandhej/Bandhani Sarees. The exclusive collection of Bandhani sarees are fabricated by making use of various techniques like Leheriya, Mothara, Ekdali, Beldaar, Trikunti, Shikargah, and  Chaubasi.

This is how Rajasthani bandhani saree becomes so vibrant, full of colours, and is boisterous. Each piece portraying a story of its own. These designer bandhani sarees perfectly represents the vibrancy Rajasthan holds in itself. These exude a radiance of rich heritage of royal Rajasthan.

It embodies an earthy sensuality and appeal to it, which is further attenuated when the bandhani work is combined with other art forms.

Now Bandhej sarees come with traditional Gota Patti work. These are designed with floral motif and paisley motifs which enhance the overall appeal of the saree.

Besides Gota Patti work Bandhani print saree is also accompanied by zari work, mirror work, Meena work in order to give a more rich appeal to it. Making them more appealing and suitable for wedding occasion, festivities, and any party.

Vasansi’s latest Bandhani Sarees online

Ethnic and traditional Bandhani Sarees online is definitely the topmost choice for many ethnic wear shopping lovers. Whether one is picking up a saree for wedding occasion or for an exclusive party event or even for day to day wear, they provide a subtleness and elegant appeal.

With its origin in the arid regions of Kutch and Thar, VASANSI Bandhani sarees online are very much comfortable to wear the whole year. Even when the designer fabrics and eloquent embroidery is done to it, their heaviness never takes away the comfort that they offer.

So for a woman of today who portrays exuberance and is independent, believes online shopping to be the most quintessential part of staying updated and informed about new styles and fashion trends is in complete awe of Bandhani Sarees online. The fashion and trend of Bandhej/Bandhani sarees are evergreen, never going out of trends.

Here at VASANSI, we offer the most elegant, opulent designer Bandhani sarees online in both traditional as well as contemporary designs meeting the fashion taste of all, be it for going to be brides or girls.

So, choose the best of Bandhani sarees from our huge catalogue collection where each saree is a masterpiece in itself.