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Gota Patti saree, It exemplify rich Rajasthani heritage !!

Saree is the most historic form of clothing on earth, whose mention and references dates back to centuries   and is it’s still going strong. It is an unstitched piece of cloth rectangular in shape known for its exuberance, elegance and glamorous appeal.

Saree is the traditional form of female garment mostly worn by the women in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. It comprises of a very long strip of unstitched cloth, ranging from five to nine meters in length, which is draped in various styles in different states of India.

Saree adds oodles of style, attitude and confidence in the wearer. Making the woman look beautiful and elegant. It evokes much fascination and is awe-inspiring.

India being a country of diversity showcases a huge variety of sarees. So, one can find so much diversity in sarees that it’s rare to find in any other attire.

Rajasthan is a heart to textile sector wherein it has its own unique saree collection. Rajasthan is famous for the tie and dye sarees, bandhej or bandhani sarees, gota Patti sarees, lehariya sarees, bandhej silk sarees and handloom woven sarees.

Gota Patti saree: The soul and heart of Rajasthan.

Rajasthani Gota Patti work is famous all over the world. It comprises of one of the most exquisite forms of embroidery in India. It is created with appliqué technique, wherein the tiny pieces of zari ribbon of golden or silver colour are sewn into fascinating patterns.

These patterns are mostly floral designs or geometric patterns. The most beautiful glistening work of gota Patti blooming with the glory of zari, with elaborate detailing and boasting of brilliant craftsmanship, wearing and flaunting gota patti sarees at special festivities and occasion truly makes one feel and look glorious and attenuates the feeling of the royalty of a queen reigning the imposing palaces of Rajasthan.

Rajasthani gota patti sarees are today vehemently used by fashion designers as a part of their fashion shows. Gota patti work is now can be found combined with zari work, Meena work or chikankari in order to create a variety of gota Patti designs and patterns.

No doubt Rajasthani gota patti sarees are strikingly appealing and woman adorning it is surely the one to receive appreciation. The overall look of Indian women is enhanced when the saree is paired with complete makeup and jewelry for the dazzling appearance.

Gota patti sarees, shop online now!

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When gota patti sarees work is combined with any embroidered work then the grace of the draping of the designer sarees gives a strikingly appealing appearance. So, whenever a woman who loves to enhance her look at any occasion and is appreciative of richness and heritage then, for her the ideal designer attire would be a designer gota Patti saree that is sure to grab eyeballs and bring compliments to the lady.

So, for all the women out there who desire to make a fashion statement that’s nothing but extraordinary then they must go for online shopping of designer gota Patti sarees from VASANSI and be the center of attraction to any party.

VASANSI, Jaipur offers an exclusive collection of Designer Gota patti sarees online. You just need to select your best from our best of gota patti sarees and feel the royalty everytime you wear it.