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Experience the Royalty with lehariya sarees !!

Lehariya saree is a traditional Rajasthani clothing which you can’t ignore because of its beauty and richness that it alludes. It is one of the most sought-after designs in designer Rajasthani sarees.

A woman every time basks in the glory of luxury, grace, elegance and, femininity with a Lehariya saree. It completely transforms the look of the individual wearing it. Saree always flatters females and if it is draped well, it helps make a woman look slim and exudes exuberance.

Saree is an attention grabber and suits perfectly well for any occasion if you are wearing it for a red carpet event, or to a friend's wedding, or to an office party or for any social get-togethers. Sarees online are perfect for every occasion.

Saree is the most versatile garment can be draped in several different ways. It can be worn with different kinds of blouses, can be paired up with trousers, and can be accessorized in numerous ways.

Talking about Lehariya it is a colorful style of tie and dye wherein various patterns of lines are used in designing the lehariya sarees. Lehariya in its name symbolizes lines and waves.  The lehariya saree is dyed in different vibrant colors in wavy patterns and it is then further adorned with beads, pearls or Gota Patti work to add some uniqueness and designer appeal to it.

The most popular lehariya saree patterns are Mothda, Pachranga, and Satranga. Usually, lehariya sarees come in numerous fabrics they are chiffon, crepe and georgette, cotton and silk to name a few.

Looking on to the designing pattern of lehariya sarees they have rippled patterns. These are usually designed in multiple hues by utilizing tie and dye method. If taken traditionally, lehariya art is only known to contain five major colors but today’s designer is experimenting with the completely new palette of colours in order to create new, fashionable and unique styles.

This art belongs to the heritage of Rajasthan and particularly and popularly sold in Udaipur and Jaipur, but the world shrinking to just a click away one can shop for lehariya sarees online very conveniently and get them delivered at your doorsteps.

Conventionally lehariya sarees are usually made against a  white background which is being contrasted with bright, vibrant and happy colours creating a stylish appeal to designer lehariya sarees.

Lehariya sarees: Vibrant, boisterous sarees- symbolic of waves !!

As leheriya signifies to waves or lines, these are basically a perfect attire for monsoons.  Lehariya sarees are for the namesake drapes which symbolizes the perfect capture of the flow of water during the rains. These are not just brilliantly vibrant, bright and beautiful but mesmerizingly comfortable too. It acts as a perfect drape for monsoons.

Lehariya patterned saree never goes out of trend and fashion. They allude a timeless ethnic charm wherein it makes the woman look naturally graceful and elegant.

Shopping online is a great way to find beautiful, attractive designer lehariya sarees online for yourself and for your loved ones. It's just from the convenience of your home that you can buy the best of designer collection of VASANSI.

VASANSI abounds in their best designer collection of lehariya sarees wherein one can get a variety of traditional and modern designs and patterns complementing the style statement beautifully.

So. buy this colorful, Boisterous and comfortable lehariya sarees online from the designer collection of VASANSI.